Age proof your eyes-Puffy eyes and under eye bags
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Age proof your eyes-Puffy eyes and under eye bags

Puffy eyes and under eye bags can not only make you look tired and worn out they can make you look a lot older than you are.
There are a number of reasons why you develop puffy eyes or under eye bags. Certainly genetic factors can play a part. Also, as we age, the skin's connective tissues weaken causing the fat pads under the eyes to slip out of place and bulge, creating sagging bags under the eyes. 
Other causes of under eye puffiness are things like lymphatic fluid build-up either from allergies, sinus congestion, too little sleep or too much salt. 
Although there are no at home remedies to reverse the protruding fat, you CAN reduce the the temporary puffiness caused by fatigue or fluid retention.
The best remedy for fatigue is simply to get more rest. In addition, people who sleep on their stomachs will benefit from sleeping with their heads elevated allowing gravity to pull fluids downwards and away from the eyes.You can even encourage lymphatic drainage with gentle massage or even exercise.

Love salty foods? Well they dont love you!Avoid foods like pizza, and foods high in soy, potato chips etc-salt lovers know the culprits, and adopt a low sodium diet.
 A low sodium diet is not only a better option for health reasons, it can also help to reduce fluid retention. If you dont drink a lot of water, Start. Water can also help to flush out excess sodium which will help to reduce fluid retention and puffiness. You dont have to start drinking a gallon of water  immediately-you will be running of to the bathroom every few minutes! Instead, start gradually, adding a glass or two every day until you are able to reach the required amount. 

The Mayo Clinic advises that women need to drink about 9 cups(8 ounces) of fluid to stay hydrated-men should drink about 13 cups of fluid daily.
We have all heard that we should drink 8-8 ounce cups of water a day. This is a little shy of the Mayo requirement and , according to Mayo,there is no hard evidence to support the 8x8 rule, it is still popular probably because it is easy to remember. 
The key is to be sure to drink at least 8-8  ounce cups of fluid a day because most fluid counts towards the daily requirement. Naturally, you want to stay away from sodas and such  because they can contain sodium not to mention way too much sugar.

Some kitchen remedies that can help reduce puffiness 
1.Cold cucumber slices are an old remedy that many people swear by. Cucumber contains antioxidants and flavanoids that may help relieve irritation and the cold feel can be very soothing. Also, cold temperatures help to reduce swelling which is probably why this remedy is still very popular.
2. Cold tea bags are also an option-particularly chamomile or green tea bags. Chamomile has anti inflammatory properties and green tea is known for its antioxidant properties
3. You can also soak a cotton pad in cold soy milk and apply to the eyes. The combination of the proteins in the soy milk as well as the cold temperature can also relieve inflammation.

 Now if you arent a fan of or have the time for home remedies, there are a number of cosmetic products that are effective. 
You want to look for products that contain many of the ingredients listed above. For instance you want a product that contains things like Cucumber and Green tea extract. Products that contain Caffeine in addition to the other ingredients are great because caffeine causes skin to tighten and  blood vessels to constrict which can noticeably deflate puffiness. A combination of these three ingredients in a product will not only deflate puffiness, it can also lighten dark circles that may also be present.


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Jill Waterfall on Sunday, March 09, 2014 8:57 AM
I've been using chamomile tea to wash my face, I heard that it can effectively fight bacteria while not dehydrating the skin, but I had no clue tea bags work for puffy eyes! One of my quick methods for fighting eye puffyness is leaving a teaspoon in the freezer for about five minutes and then putting in on my eye area. The feeling is great and it really helps, though I'll definitely try the teabag trick! Thanks for writing this!
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