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Best ingredients for your Fall and winter skin.
Shaving solution REVIEW
Skin and Essential Fatty acids (EFAs)
Face oil serum Review
Face oil review

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Tobi's Touch natural skin care blog

Best ingredients for your Fall and winter skin.

She Said Beauty

We tend to get a little spoiled in the summer months. The sun, even in spite of the risks, somehow makes our skin look better. You know what I mean. We use terms like sun kissed and healthy glow to describe our summer skin.

Our skin care concerns seem to come with the colder months. That makes sense because colder air is drier and just like in dry climates, cold air has lower humidity which means there is less moisture for our skin to grab onto to keep it plump, moist and hydrated.  Cold dry air accelerates evaporation which dehydrates the outer layer of our skin and if we dont do anything to protect it, it can leave our skin looking dull, flaky and over time, much more wrinkled.

Shaving solution REVIEW

REVIEW: I am a barber and do straight razor shaves. I purchased a small bottle of the oil -Tobi's Touch Pre-Shave Oil Geland the balmTobi's Touch After Shave Balm. Best I have found.  I have used Art of Shaving, Jack Black, and others but your shave oil the razor just glides. I also use for military head shaves with less irritation and they come in weekly. I have used Art of Shaving, Jack Black, and others but your shave oil the razor just glides. I also use for military head shaves with less irritation and they come in weekly.

Skin and Essential Fatty acids (EFAs)

Many of us know that cutting back on fatty foods is beneficial for our overall health. It can help keep us heart healthy, control weight gain and many other benefits. Eliminating fat from our diets doesn't improve these health benefits. Our bodies need SOME fat to stay healthy.What we want to avoid are the artery clogging saturated and trans fatty acids-the "bad" fats.Both can raise cholesterol levels, clog arteries, and increase the risk for heart disease.Saturated fats are found in animal products (meat, poultry skin, high-fat dairy, and eggs) and in vegetable fats that are liquid at room temperature, such as coconut and palm oils.

Face oil serum Review

The samples I want to tell you about were the ones to target my combination skin,  I'm sure y'all are tired of hearing about my oily TZone. This is what Tobi sent me for this concern:

Kellye's Repair and Restore Elixir : this lovely elixir is perfect for anyone who wants to give their skin a boost. It's anti-aging blend of carrot seed and helichrysum infused into a base of rosehip seed, Tamanu, and apricot kernel oils will repair and pamper your skin, slow the signs of aging, leaving a healthy feel with more even skin tone and suppleness.

Face oil review

Olga said on Nov 21, 2012 0:41 AM
I have recently gotTone N Treat. This is the first time ever I used a serum and I could not be happier about the results! only couple of drops were enough to moisturize my entire face and neck and the oil control is amazing! right after my first use my face felt so soft and nourished. I didn`t have to use anything else throughout the day to control the oil. I think it works great as moisturizer for the day time for anyone who is concerned about oiliness as well as occasional breakouts.

face oil review

After receiving a very generous sample of Lunda's Night Serum for Oily skin and using the whole product, I can definitely see a difference in my skin when I wake up. I have very oily skin and the thought of putting more oil on my skin scared me. But, this oil is great! It moisturizes my skin and my wrinkles have diminished little by little. I was using a very expensive oil before and this oil does the exact same thing for more than half the price. I'm very happy I came across this product.

face oils

If you have searched online for the the best natural skin care products, you have come across at least one article about  Facial oils and how great they are for your skin.

Summer time may feel like the worst time to use face oils,especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. Why would you want to use oils when you already have oily skin? Well you might be surprise to find out that many oils are not only beneficial for your skin, they can actually help correct some common skin issues.

Benefits of facial oils

I had to share this post from Popsugar-
Yes, we get it, you've spent your whole life trying to remove excess oil, only to now be told the opposite. But formulas have come so far and oils, although they are oils, actuallyfeel light(and good!) on your skin. They also sink in quicker (and go deeper) toplump, hydrateand treat your skin from there. But isn't moisturizer enough? Well, it's a good start, we'll give you that. But traditional moisturizers work differently. They work on surface hydration and work well in conjunction with oils as they actually lock them in.

Is your skin Spring ready?

I am so sick of winter! Here it is the middle of March and we are still waiting for what I hope is our last winter storm.
This is a great time to get your skin ready for warmer weather!

How to age gracefully


It is a sad reality that we live in a youth obsessed world. If you don't agree, just take a look at the many  actors who have chosen to go under the knife in an attempt to hold on to their youth. Sure,we want to look our best but somewhere along the way,our best has come to mean looking young, as opposed to being and feeling youthful. I think there is a big difference between the two. Wanting to look young is how I would describe a certain entertainer in her fifties who shall remain nameless who seems to want to look the same age as her daughter.