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Sooth the symptoms of psoriasis with essential and massage oils


New!! We have added Cupuacu butter to our psoriasis formulation for added moisturization!! Follow ink to our ingredients page for more information 

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                                                     Psoriasis Treatments
Tobi's Touch custom blended psoriasis treatment oil

Psoriasis Treatment oil $18.00
This oil is a great massage oil for psoriasis sufferers.This homeopathic remedy is a synergetic combination of organic oils that have been specifically chosen and blended to provide soothing relief. This oil does not contain any additives or essential oils making it ideal for babies, children and adults with allergies and or sensitive skin. 8 fl oz /$18.00
Apricot kernel oil;Tamanu Oil                       
Kikui nut oil;Rosehip seed oil
Castor oil;Camelina oil,Rosemary Oleo 

psoriasis treatment serum for itch reliefPsoriasis Treatment Oil Plus $18.00
This treatment oil contains the same organic carrier oils as our regular treatment oil but this NEW and Improved formula includes our synergetic blend of essential oils to help soothe and calm psoriasis flare-ups. 4 fld oz/$18.00
Our psoriasis treatment oil blend listed above
Shea Butter, cupuacu butter
Sea Buckthorn oil, Borage oil
Carrot seed oil,Bergamot
Rose oil;Vitamin E;Rosemary Oleo                                      

psoriasis cream can provide relief for psoriasisPsoriasis Cream $15.00
This light, yet ultra rich cream skin is loaded with moisture enhancing ingredients to help alleviate dry,itchy skin as well as soften and soothe the hard patches that sometimes occur when psoriasis flares up.Our New and Improved formula now includes Licorice root extract which has been known to soothe rashes, reduce scarring, as well as fight infection, Aloe Vera for regeneration of cells and its ability to penetrate skin-four times faster than water and Hyaluronic acid which is known as one of nature's most effective moisturizers and can promote, smoother, more elastic and younger looking skin. This product is suitable for use on both face and body. 2oz jar/$15.00
 Hyaluronic acid;Aloe Vera
Oregon Grape(Mahonia Aquifolium) 
Licorice Root Extract
Papaya Extract                                                           
 Infusions of Yarrow& Chamomile                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Pomegranate oil
Borage oil;
Cupuacu butter;
Vitamin E
 Rosemary Oleo;
Natural emulsifiers
Natural preservatives                                                                                                                                                           
We also have other Psoriasis treatment products available. Our rich, emollient Psoriasis treatment balm is ideal for use after a bath or shower to seal in moisture and can be applied directly to inflamed skin to provide soothing relief.
Looking for bath products? Check out our Dermatitis Bath Wash and Bath Oil
dermatitis bath wash is all natural eczema dermatitis itch relief
Soap can be very drying. Especially for irritated and inflamed skin. Tobi's Touch Dermatitis Body wash contains no soap or surfecants that can dry out and irritate your skin. 

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